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Available Kittens

Hypoallergenic Siberian Forest Cats

We try to keep our website up to date with all the available and upcoming litters but sometimes we get busy loving and caring for our cute furry friends.  It is always best to reach out via Text, call or social media for more info on available litters.  You can also check us our on insta @utahsiberiancats where we post videos every day! 

Queen: Snowbelle.     Sire: Zeus.

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Our King and Queens


Queen: Snowbelle. Sire: Zeus

Queen: Bagheera King: zeus


Upcoming King and Queens

litters expected fall 2024

Our Clients Say

- Hanzo is a bright and lovable member of our family. He makes us smile and happy every single day with his outgoing personality. We can tell that he's an amazing, trusting, and personable cat today because of the way he was nurtured during his crucial first 10 weeks by Utah Siberian Cattery. We couldn't have asked for a better floofy addition to our family.
Thanks!-Cortney G.

Siberian Forest Cats

Siberian Forest Cats are considered hypoallergenic and most people with cat allergies are not allergic to them.  We test our cats protein levels and make sure that our breeders are low.  This ensures that allergies are almost always non-existent.

Why choose us as breeders?  Our cats are constantly socialized and handled.  We have a HAPPY CAT program and we play with our kitties every single day.  Our adult cats are loved and socialized as well. this is particularly important because the mamas teach the babies many skills and behaviors.  We feed our cats a pure protein diet and they all are health guaranteed.   Many buyers come back for a second or a third cat from us because our cats temperaments are so incredible!

So many of our cats go home and learn to play fetch, go on hikes with their owners and even swim in pools! Why? Because of the happy kitty program we use!

For pricing and adoption information please contact us. You can text, call, or fill out this form with questions you have.

Payson UTAH. 


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